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Join Kyrsten Sherwood, founder of Launch Brand Grow and The Modern Conference and Vanessa Ryan, the new leader of Launch Brand Grow and Founder of Opt in Profit as they dish out how communities have helped them earn 5K and beyond. 

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- Katie Schwarz   |   Brand Personality Blueprint

& have prompted more growth than i could have anticipated.

The connections I've made have been invaluable

Growth in friendships, personal growth, social media followers, my email list, sales, clients - the whole shebang really.

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we're vanessa & Kyrsten

Literally one of my favorite people I (Kyrsten!) have ever met. She's all things bubbly and bright and enthusiastic while also being incredibly intelligent, strategic and a total boss at generating passive income and creating warm fuzzy feelings. She's the new head leader of the Launch Brand Grow Community, is our resident opt in QUEEN and has the business to back it up: Opt in Profit. You're going to love her, I promise!

vanessa is...

our bios (written by each other)

The Modern Conference program helps creative entrepreneurs to create truly engaged and enthusiastic communities, network with influencers and create profitable and educational summits to boost their business's credibility, marketing reach and authority in their market!

Kyrsten is...

& we're all yours on thursday 3/21 @ 12:30pm EST!

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here's how others have benefitted from being in a community that's right for them:

I just got invited to speak at my dream conference!

We booked our first client for the year! A big-conference table for an architect company!

I just signed my first repeat client! I hosted a workshop for her and a friend at her home back in October & she just called me about running a 3 month social media campaign

I started my week with only 44 subscribers and just checked to see I got 72 new subscribers!!! 

I’ve been writing my list once a week since September- and it has gotten so so easy and so fun! I get replies back now too. I’m a huge believer of the list!

One of my goals for this year is to take Fridays completely OFF. Well, it’s been two weeks in a row where I’ve said NO to a client who requested a meeting, or for something to be done, on a Friday. I stuck to my guns and I said no both times. And you know what? The world did not stop spinning. I didn’t even get fired. We simply rescheduled for another time. Really proud of myself for living by my word for the year... BOUNDARIES!

So.. I have a new art studio space! And it isn't in my house! It's absolutely gorgeous, I can walk from home, and the owner is so generous. Also - I listened to all you smarties and started an email list, finally ;)

Guys, I got chosen to be in the juried #fresh section at National Stationery Show this spring! Woo hoo! That's the section that (I hear) buyers make a beeline for, since it's the newest stuff AND juried. So exciting! (And now I'm a nervous wreck....)

A client was refusing to sign my contract & after a phone all of going through it line by line and standing my ground (it’s a totally standard, no frills contract), they’re signing! I’m not the best at handling these type of situations but I went into the call trying to be confident and knowing this is what’s best for my business so I’m so excited that it paid off!

I had my first set of viral pins this week!!!!!

I was just booked to give a live social media training!

I wrote my first blog post today!

I just send out my first sales funnel- WIN, right!? We will see how it goes! I'm sure I have LOADS of room to improve the sales process, but I am excited! . . . . . . .

Within minutes of sharing it, TWO PEOPLE purchased the VIP package! All this happened while my sales page was less than perfect and my kids were having meltdowns over peanut butter sandwiches. Quickest $1000 I’ve ever made in my entire life!! I still can’t believe it’s happened….


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from The Modern Conference

- Kathryn Coffmann   |   Fashionably Frank Marketing

have been incredible so far!

the workshops & guest speakers

this community has been an amazing space

to have at my fingertips.



Learn the THREE best ways to earn your next 5k by investing in a community, what's REALLY worked for us!

The number one way to meet your new biz besties, aka - your ride or die cheerleaders who support and love you.

How being in the right community can open up the doors to helping you gain credibility and earn more PROFIT.

How communities have helped us earn 5k and beyond from networking, collaboration and trust.

Learn all about the Launch Brand Grow Community, and figure out if we are your people (we think we are)

Why your business can benefit from being a part of the RIGHT community, and how to find the one that gives you all the feels.

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- Vanessa Kynes   |   Vanessa Kynes, LLC

I've doubled my email list, launched a course

since I've joined this community,

and made so many biz besties.

I wouldn't have had the confidence or the encouragement to launch without the community

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