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Accounting & Money, Mindset

How I Became A Digital Nomad in 3 Months

Have you ever been fired? I think you could imagine what it feels like, but until it actually happens, you truly cannot conceptualize the figurative punch in the gut that you receive.  That is how it all began for me.   Pin me to read later!     Post-graduation I did a lot of traveling, […]

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Accounting & Money, Branding, Websites & SEO, Passive Income, Starting & Launching

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Valuable Today

Are you building a job or a business? Most of us will spend most of our lives working. There’s a question commonly asked at business conferences, “Are you working on your business, or in your business?” The idea behind the question is that if you’re working in your business, you’re not building your business, you are doing a job. […]

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Accounting & Money

5 Reasons Why You Should Charge More

Impostor syndrome. We’ve all been there. A lot of us are still there. We don’t feel comfortable charging what we charge but one day we’ll get up the courage to charge what we’re worth. Well, we know that you’re providing some amazing content, services and/or products because you provide your own personal unique view to […]

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Accounting & Money, Mindset, Starting & Launching

Imposter Syndrome: How to Deal with the Uncertainty of Being Your Own Boss

When Kyrsten and I started this school, we knew we wanted to teach people how to start businesses. Kyrsten’s specialty is starting businesses that require less than a couple hundred dollars at the beginning. But we thought we had better explore the world of work at home gurus so that we make sure to adequately address […]

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Accounting & Money, Mindset, Starting & Launching

How to Come to Terms with Imposter Syndrome as a Small Business Owner

Uncertainty has a bad reputation. When most people think about uncertainty, they think about losing their job, or falling ill, or needing unexpected car repairs. None of those things are good, and because none of those things are good, we expend a ton of effort trying to eliminate uncertainty from our lives.   Pin me […]

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Accounting & Money, Branding, Websites & SEO, Social Media & Marketing, Starting & Launching

5 Steps to Creating an Effective Business Plan for Your Creative Business

You’re jazzed! We’re jazzed for you! You’ve officially decided to start your own business! WOO! But now that you’re psyched about this fabulous new product/service that you’re bringing to the marketplace, you’re not sure what to do next.   Pin me on Pinterst to read later!   In comes the business plan. Now, when you think […]

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