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An Introverts Guide To Attending A Business Conference

Being an online business owner is pretty awesome right? You get to choose your own work hours, don’t have to put on real pants, and you can pretty much hide out in your office (or bed, or wherever you choose to work from) avoid real-life human contact 90% of the time.    But if you […]

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Branding, Websites & SEO, Social Media & Marketing, Starting & Launching

How to Develop Your Brand’s Story

Hold up – what is Brand Storytelling exactly?   Brand storytelling is how we connect emotionally with our clients and customers. People buy from people, as we mentioned in the post 3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic & Conversions Organically.   People crave stories, and they are more likely to buy from a brand that […]

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Branding, Websites & SEO, Social Media & Marketing

3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic & Conversions Organically

Everyone knows that they need a website. It’s one of the first things people make when they’re starting a business.   Unfortunately, it’s also one of the things that is easiest to do wrong, without even knowing that you’re doing it wrong! It’s hard enough to create a website that looks beautiful, and for that […]

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Mindset, Starting & Launching

5 Ways to Use Trello For Business

Oh, Trello there. See what I did there. I am a sucker for a good business tool that makes life, just easier. I want to start by saying I am all about pen and paper. Nothing beats buying a cute notebook, and pretty pens to write out your plans, lists, etc. But if you like […]

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Blogging & Copywriting, Passive Income

How to Effectively Monetize Your Blog

Hello Copper Kettle Co readers! My name is Kathie and I’m one half of the husband and wife duo behind Bluchic, where we design feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Today we’re talking about how to effectively monetize your blog (which is what we all secretly — or not so secretly — want, […]

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Mindset, Starting & Launching

Why Theming Your Days Will Make You a Better Creativepreneur

Ever dream of becoming one of those creativepreneurs who can stay on top of things consistently over time, even as your to-do list is a war of attention against both your organizational systems and your motivation? Become a unicorn in action and not let your to-do list consume your energy levels? Well, guess what! You can. […]

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